Before installing Edgware ensure that your system meets the prereqs.

Download the latest stable release of Edgware from The .zip or .gzip contains a top-level folder called edgware-X.Y.Z where X.Y.Z is the version number. Once extracted, from within that top-level folder, run the appropriate command for your operating system:

Linux and OS X

$ ./


> fabinstall

Note: it is important to choose the appropriate file for your system, .zip for Windows or .gzip for Linux, to ensure that file permissions are set correctly when the file is unpacked.

At the end of the installation script a message will be displayed indicating that two environment variables must be set:

  1. JAVA_HOME: the Java home directory (may already be set for your system).
  2. FABRIC_HOME: the root directory for the Edgware installation; this is the directory containing the fabinstall script.

Both of these are required for Edgware to run.

Development code

If you want to run the very latest development code then you can clone the source repository directly from GitHub:

$ git clone

Whilst we always try to ensure the repository is bug-free please note that it may contain features that are still under development.