Register a node

To register a node as a neighbour of the local Edgware node, a JSON message of the following form is sent to the local Edgware node:

Field Nested Field Value Description
op register:node Identifies a node registration message.
id <node-id> The ID of the node to be registered.
Each node must define one or more network interfaces using the following fields:
interfaces Identifies the list of interfaces for this node.
node-interface <node-interface> The name of the network interface used by the node (e.g. "en0").
address <node-address> The network address of the node in the form of a URI, for example "ip://".
The register:node message may also include the following optional fields:
desc <node-description> A free text description of the node.
attr <unique-node-attributes> A JSON object defining a set of attributes associated with the node. Node attributes are not defined by Edgware.
correl <correlation­‐id> Client-defined correlation ID, present if a status response is required


	"op" : "register:node",
	"id" : "<node-id>",
	"interfaces" : [
			"node-interface" : "en1",
			"address" : "ip://"